My New Life

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June 30, I left my school after graduation. I have no permission to re-enter my dorm.

July 3, I started my new life working at Microsoft and living in my rented house with a roommate who was my roommate at school.

Nothing really changed so far.

I often go back to school to be with my girlfriend. I can still read books in the library and have lunch in canteen. I still know a lot of people there. Everything is familiar.

Last weekend, we set up our Wifi in rented house, and set its name to “BNU 120”, which was the same as before when we lived in university.

OK, something did change.

I will get up at 7:30 a.m.. Not very early.

Wash my face, brush my teeth, pack up my laptop and leave for work. It’s 8:00.

Take ten-minutes walk to the bus stop, wait for around 3 minutes, get on the bus, stand in crowd for half an hour, again walk for ten minutes, and finally I arrive at Microsoft.

Generally, this 7-km distance is not too long, but it will take me about 40 minutes, uncomfortable 40 minutes. This is Beijing. I have no choice. But at school, I never have to experience this.

At work, though people are nice and the work environment is comfortable, I can still feel the stress hidden in people’s hearts. Everyone has their own work items. Work-life balance means you should be more effective at work. There is no really work-life balance if you cannot finish the work assigned to you.

Office politics also exists here. Though it said to be better than before after Satya becoming CEO. Everyone should be careful, especially when talking with managers.

I’m a new guy here, and don’t know much. I believe the future is bright if I can do well about my job and be friendly with others. I think I’m always helpful. I will be someone essential as well as a best collaborator.

Hope a bright future!